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  • Detergents: Tide, Persil or All Free & Clear

  • Softeners: Snuggle or Downy fabric softener

  • Dryer Sheets: Snuggle, Downy or All Free & Clear


** Please inform us of any allergies to laundry products**


*** If you prefer another laundry brand, you can provide it or we are happy to pick it up for you for a $10 Courier Service fee plus cost of product***

You already do enough...

Leave the laundry up to us!


Standard Service:

13 gallon bag - $35 up to 20lbs. (+1.75 per additional lb.)


*included in standard service:

sorting, stain treatment, folding / hanging, packaging, wash temp (upon request), Air / Hang Dry (upon request)

Additional Services:

  • Ironing: $3 per item

  • Folding Only: $1 per lb

  • Dry Cleaning: $10 Courier Service (plus dry cleaning fee)

Teacher Discount:

13 gallon bag - $25 up to 20lbs.

(+1.25 per additional lb.)

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How it Works...


Text 832-741-0224 to schedule your laundry pick up. Please include Name, address and day of pick up. Or simply fill out the FORM BELOW.


Items should be bagged and set out for pick up before we arrive 


Items that need special processing should be separated and labeled to assure request is met


If you prefer your items to be hung instead of folded please provide hangers. We can provide hangers for an additional charge.


Items will be delivered back to you within 48 hours from pickup except on weekends, holidays and rush orders.


Invoices will be sent the day before delivery. Invoices MUST BE PAID before delivery will take place.


We encourage you to set up a recurring laundry pickup: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

Schedule a Pickup

Schedule a Pickup

Pease select pickup and dropoff times. (For special instructions, leave in the comments below).

THANK YOU! Clean Laundry Coming Right Up!

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